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Patterns and Colors
MHIC 89895
Stamped concrete can be completed in two ways.  Using an integral concrete
dye, which is dying the entire load of concrete.  The other method involves
using a color hardener which is cast on to the surface of the concrete.  At
Interscope we use both methods but primarily integral dye.  Once the concrete
is dyed a release agent must be applied to the surface.  This serves as a bond
breaker between the concrete and the stamp.  There are two types of release,
liquid and powder.  The liquid is a much cleaner method but does not give the
distinct antiquing effect of the powder.  Different colors of release can be used
to give the concrete a varied appearance resulting in a more realistic
Color Chart
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6 in random boardwalk
Plank with nail holes
English York Stone
Orchard Stone
Looks Like
Large Majestic
Ashler Slate
Small Ashler Slate
Mayan Cobblestone
Chiseled Slate Texture
Heavy Stone Texture
European Fan
New Running
Bond Brick
Old Chicago
Running Bond Brick
Old Chicago
9ft 16 Point Star
Old Brick Border
12in Wood Plank
Old Bridge Plank